HP 51604A Eclipse Inkjet Cartridge, Black, 1/Bx

Item# HP51604A

HP Eclipse InkJet Cartridge, Black, 1/Bx

  • Genuine HP Brand
  • Fast Drying Ink Formulation
  • Guaranteed to Meet and Exceed OEM Specifications 
  • Individually Boxed
  • OEM# 51604A

1 per Box 

This Cartridge fits:
  • Addmaster IJ-1000, Addmaster IJ-2000, Addmaster IJ-2040, Addmaster IJ-2050, Addmaster IJ-3000, Addmaster IJ-3080, Addmaster IJ-3160, Addmaster IJ-9000, Addressease Envelope Toaster
  • Brother Checkwriter CW-1000, Brother Checkwriter CW-600
  • Canon BP 10 D, Canon BP 1025 D, Canon BP 12 D, Canon BP 1200 DH, Canon BP 1211 D, Canon BP 1225 D, Canon BP 1400 DH, Canon BP 1400 DL, Canon BP 1425 D, Canon BP 1445 D, Canon BP 25 D, Canon BP 26 D, Canon BP 35 D, Canon BP 36 D, Canon BP 37 D, Canon BP 37 DE, Canon BP 37 DH, Canon BP 47 DH, Canon BP 5020 D, Canon BP 5220 D, Canon BP 5420 D, Casio PJ-10 L, Casio PJ-140L, Casio PJ-160L, Casio PJ-180L, Casio PJ-20 L, Chinon K-116, Chinon K-128, Commodore MPS 1270, Comtech Jetwriter 200, Constar Address Express
  • Data General 6298, Datamega DPN-1800, Datamega DPN-1870, Datamega DPN-1881, Dataprocess DSA 50, Dataprocess Datasec, Dataprocess DSP-225, Digital Check TS200, Digital Check TS350 EBS
  • ENC Electronics EJ-105, Epson MJ-100
  • Facit J 1200, Facit J 1250, First Data FD200, GCC Writemove, Hewlett Packard HP 2225 THINKJET, Hewlett Packard HP 2227 QUIETJET
  • Kodak 150 PLUS, Kodak 180 si, Kodak 300, Kodak 300 W, Merchant 2001 MicrJET Addressease ELP
  • Maverick Endorser Inkje t(Small Capacity), Miltope Jet-1 50
  • NCR 5890 ATM, NCR 7731, NCR 5070 ATM, Nixdorf MD-16, Nixdorf MD-22, Northern Telecom Displayjet
  • Olivetti JP 180, Olympia Olyfax 450, Omniprint IJ-200, Omniprint IJM-200, Philips P6622
  • Siemens MD-16, Siemens MD-22, Shear Tech EN-5000 (Endorser Inkjet), Shear Tech EN-5500 (Endorser Inkjet), Shear Tech EN-5800 (Endorser Inkjet), Standard Register DTS 200 Document Transport, Standard Register TE1931 Endorser Inkjet, Standard Register TE1932 Endorser Inkjet, Standard Register TE1933 Endorser Inkjet, Standard Register TE1934 Endorser Inkjet
  • Telecheck Eclipse, Tidemark Address Express, Victor Inkjet Calculator, Westrex Intl. WP-1000
HP 51604A Eclipse Inkjet Cartridge, Black, 1/Bx
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  • Item #: HP51604A
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