MICR/Check Reader with Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards 15/Bx

Item# CRB15

MICR / Check Reader with Waffletechnology Cleaning Card, 15/Bx

  • Presaturated and individually sealed
  • Cleans magnetic heads, check pathways, transport belts and rollers
  • Designed to remove dirt, oils and contaminants from recessed sensors
  • Contains 99.7% isopropanol (IPA)

These cleaning cards incorporate flexible, raised platforms on their top and bottom surfaces. The platforms are essentially spring-loaded ridges that significantly increasing the pressure applied to the internal components as the card passes through the mechanism. Flat cards can not touch recessed sensors and, at best, only come into contact with the protruding edge of a rounded optical lens. Since the mechanism accepts and then dispenses the card automatically, it cleans all surfaces.

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MICR/Check Reader with Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards 15/Bx
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  • Item #: CRB15
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