Thermal Printer Cleaning Card, 2 1/8 X 6", 25/Bx

Item# T2186B25

Thermal Printer Cleaning Card, 2 1/8 X 6", 25/Bx

  • 2 1/8 X 6" Card Size
  • Presaturated and individually sealed
  • Cleans thermal heads for both direct & transfer printers
  • Removes dirt, oils and contaminants
  • Contains 99.7% isopropanol (IPA) 

This Thermal Printer Cleaning Card utilizes a soft fabric embedded into a plastic core to create a pre-saturated disposable product. The cleaning card will safely and effectively remove all dirt, ink, tape and adhesive residue, and other contaminates from thermal print heads, paper guides and paper paths. This product will improve printer quality and legibility. It will also increase output, print head life, printer reliability and performance.

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Thermal Printer Cleaning Card, 2 1/8 X 6", 25/Bx
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  • Item #: T2186B25
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