Waffletechnology Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, 15/Bx

Item# CC3625B15WS

Waffletechnology Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, 15/Bx

  • Presaturated and individually sealed
  • Cleans feed rollers and bill pathways
  • Removes dirt, magnetic oxides and contaminants
  • Contains Wonder Solvent (IPA Free)

This cleaning card was designed to clean currency counters over a wide range of manufacturers. The unique waffles clean note recognition lenses and the surfaces around the belts and rollers, removing more debris then other types of products. The card will clean rollers and feed paths and also burnish rollers if held briefly in place prior to releasing into the equipment. Maintaining these critical components, on a regular basis, will prolong the life of this unit.

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Waffletechnology Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, 15/Bx
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  • Item #: CC3625B15WS
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